This class has prerequisites:  Attendees must already be a Kruger Omni Healing Practitioner (KOHP) or a KOHP Candidate and taking the KOHP exam before the date of Advanced KOH class.  all attendees must have attended a Kruger Omni Healing™ Basic Class within the previous two years (note: for KOHP Basic class tuition would only cost $115USD for 8 hour review class plus one extra hour of new material presentation).

  • Omni Alpha Point (OAP) Levels Procedure: get more accurate results with muscle testing
  • Proper Muscle Testing to Support What Your Examination Reveals
    This proves you are doing much more than correcting posture
  • Aura Reading Made Easy! What a valuable tool for finding what needs your care. Actual visual changes from before and after KOH treatment.
  • Balance Chakras without being a Yogic Master; Often a Key to Healing
  • The Kruger Maneuver ™: Something Good Just Got Better!
  • Emotional lockup of the tailbone or why do you have your tail between your
  • Joint Compression of legs, low back and neck: how to get out of a Jam!
  • Stop the Suffering: Proven Methods to Help Stubborn Symptoms and Pain Reduction. Finding and fixing the hidden causes.
  • How to easily check the effectiveness of nutritional supplementation for yourself and others.
  • Find and Eliminate Environmental & Substance Sensitivities; Enjoy Life Again!
  • New methods of using the “Feeling Wheel” to reset emotional factors associated with bodily dysfunction
  • Checking for and correcting “Empathy” or “I feel your Pain”
  • Advanced TMJ or Jaw Joint Correction and Application
  • Eye Position Relates to Fixing Hidden Problems
  • Just not Coordinated or Feeling like a Klutz (Getting the Hindbrain in Gear)
  • KOH Behavior Reprogramming Point and Procedure
  • Serving More Folks Whether Here or Abroad: The rewards of helping others with their physical and emotional pain will astound you!
  • Plus more spontaneous demos by Dr. Kruger
  • Demonstration of the most recent Advanced KOH self treatment that Dr. Kruger uses on himself daily.
  • Current Tuition is: $335 USD/KOHP ( Add $30 USD at the door reg.) or $575 USD/ KOHP couple residing in the same exact residence (Add $50 USD at the door reg.)

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