These areas are covered in the KOH basic class:

  • What is Kruger Omni Healing
  • Bringing the Healing Facilitator to the Session
  • Pre and Post Treatment Tests: This demonstrates to you and the person you are treating the immediate and profound effects of this 7-10 minutes KOH treatment.
  • How to perform Postural Testing
  • Review of performing a proper KOH exam; forms are provided
  • How to use the various indicators: Letting the Subject’s own body tell you where to apply treatment (in real time) and if the treatment has been complete
  • Application of using the skin’s dermatome patterns to assess and treat the entire body
  • How to use Jaw, Cranial, Emotional and Present Time Consciousness (PTC) Points
  • Demonstration and “Hands On” Practice of the Full KOH Treatment Sequence
  • Additional training in Kruger Omni Healing Organ Treatment Methods: This includes approximate organ &/or organ reflex locations. Recommendations for application; when and how to add this valuable procedure for best results
  • Using Self Muscle Testing with Kruger Omni Healing
  • A lot of opportunity for Questions and Answers
  • Opportunity for feedback through Seminar Evaluation Form

All this is taught with beneficial application for oneself and other’s (loved ones, patients, clients, fellow workers, friends and most pets).

You may help others while they are in sitting, lying down or standing positions (this is practical for most any scenario of need).

Most agree that these 8 hour classes are educational, physically beneficial and entertaining

(in other words: FUN)

Current Tuition is: $225 USD/Class initial or refreshers.  Please add $25 USD for at the door registration.

$115 USD/refresher for Kruger Omni Healing Practitioner (KOHP)*

*A Kruger Omni Healing Practitioner (KOHP) has been a student of the Kruger Omni Healing Basic class three times and passed an examination of proficiency.

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