“Great Facilitator, excellent presentation, good coverage of a lot of material & enjoyed the practices with a partner. The manual is very helpful. I look forward to reading & reviewing the entire manual.” Norma C., Sannichton, BC

“Precise delivery of the technique and to the point answers to questions. With practice, I feel this is a technique I could use to fulfill my dream of becoming and being a ‘Healer’ ” Karly M., West Vancouver, BC

“Excellent! This is my 3rd KOH basic seminar and I STILL learned something new!” Nathan Tanouye, KOHP Las Vegas, NV

“Very exciting and educational. Trying it out on each other was very helpful.” Tina B., St George, UT

“So Happy to have a refresher course. It was helpful to have the information and be familiar with the practice. The presentation was very clear. I believe it improved from last year or I just understand differently now. Thank you so much for everything!” Brianna C., Las Vegas, NV

“Outstanding Job Doc! I thought you did a great job with the presentation, explaining the material and moving the class along. You kept my attention throughout.” Tony D., Las Vegas, NV

My first KOH course with Dr. Joshua Kruger came shortly after I attended a healing session with him. I admit, I had not known of Dr. Kruger before but when I met him I instantly was comfortable with him and felt that he was a warm and kind person. The treatment was transformative, however, I want to write about my own Kruger OMNI Healing course experience.

In the training, excellent written materials were given, the training moved at a pace that was just right, and Dr. Kruger made sure that questions were answered before moving on. I really appreciated hearing a small sample of the “nuggets” that Dr. Kruger would share from his practice experience and research. Receiving both a treatment from another participant and a self-treatment during the training, I felt good and noticed a specific “lightness of being” for myself after the training.

I wondered at the start how I could learn all of the technique in one day but it turned out it was not as difficult as I’d imagined. Dr. Kruger’s experience and training are amazing and his kindness, meant for me, that I felt comfortable in asking questions and sharing my experiences with the technique. I definitely would like to continue in my training in KOH.

Thank you,
Jennifer Bailey, Victoria, BC

“The KOH seminar was informative and very comprehensive. Dr. Kruger explains KOH in a clear and thorough manner. His idea to bring this level of information to the lay public can definitely be realized. I will absolutely recommend a KOH seminar to others!” Paul O., Las Vegas, NV

“I see that KOH is a valid therapy and based on conversations with others in the class, I believe I could benefit from it. A good mixture of theory and practical information with questions fully answered. The pace was very good.” Jim B., Phoenix, AZ

“A+ I feel everybody in this seminar went away with being stronger physically, mentally and emotionally! I pray that all whom I share this with will understand the importance of this healing technique.” Lisa DiTommaso, KOHP Las Vegas, NV

“As always, I am impressed, recharged and better with every class. There was a very smooth flow of material; well organized. The pace of the class was excellent and the 8 hours of class went by very fast.” Tom Thompson, KOHP Henderson, NV

“The material was presented in a clear, thorough, energetic and entertaining way. Although my first class, it was not too fast or too much. Thank You.” Jeffrey Herman, D.D.S., Summerlin, NV

“It was a very ‘hands on’ class and interactive. Wonderful explanations of technique. Loved the pet portion of the day. This will definitely help me treat my Service Dog (‘Doc Barker’), who helps me everyday! The presentation was very detailed with extensive time given on each section and if someone did not understand, time was taken to better explain. I will most definitely recommend KOH seminars to others!” Sherry B., Riverside, CA

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