Below, are just a few of many testimonials from students who have taken Dr. Kruger’s courses, and some of their results.

Relief from Suffering and Saved a lot of Money at the same time

  • Your Kruger Omni Healing treatment helped me to get off 3 major medicines: Celebrex for back pain, Sinusitis medication and Interstitial Cystitis medication.  A savings of $180 per month.  Meryl McCay, Registered Dietitian and Educator for convalescent hospital and high school for 26 years.
Emotional Clearing

I have been working with an 8 year old boy who has had a very difficult time in the past couple of years with emotional regulation. He has uncontrollable meltdowns that have been both very violent and also suicidal (attempts). In fact, he ended up in an institution for a period of time because his suicidal compulsion was so out of control.For the first four treatments I focused strictly on KOH. During birth he had had his arm broken, so I focused on that first, and tried to come up with statements that might resonate with that experience, such as “I am not safe”. The next treatment we also focused on statements that he makes, and I had asked him and his mom to try and write any such statements down that they could remember. Many of the statements for this treatment focused around not being good enough, or capable of anything. “I’m a retard, I can’t do anything right, I’m so stupid” were some that came up for him. Of course, I did the KOH emotional reflexes to process these.

When he arrived for his third treatment his mom reported that he had had only one minor incident that week, (normally it was every day), and that his teacher had told her that the child seemed to have turned 180 degrees. His hockey coach said much the same, and that he had played the best game of the season that weekend.

Now five treatments in, it really seems like this boy is a different person. His mom says he is very calm, and much happier in general. Last week someone took something of his, and rather than lashing out as he might have done, he contained himself until he got home, though still very angry about it, he managed to talk it through with his dad.

Kruger Omni Healing continues to provide me with tools for healing that often astound me. I am so grateful for your training and ongoing support.

Jean-Paul Thuot, R.Ac, KOHP
Stillpoint Community Acupuncture
Langford Office, Victoria, BC

Testimonal During break at Advanced Kruger Omni Healing Seminar


Allergy Clearing
My 12 year old niece has had allergies to strawberries, raspberries and kiwis. Strawberries and raspberries caused her to become violently ill, vomit, and break out in hives all over her body. Her reaction to kiwis was anaphylactic, starting with hives, tongue swelling and progressing to asthma-like symptoms.

Last week, I gave her the KOH Allergy Treatment, which took me about 15 minutes. That night she decided to try eating a strawberry, which she had no reaction to. She then proceeded to eat a pint box of strawberries by herself with great enjoyment.

The next day she tried raspberries with the same lack of allergic reaction. Two days after that, with her mom’s blessing (and an epipen standing by) she tried eating a kiwi. She progressed from rubbing some kiwi juice on her arm, to holding a piece in her mouth, to eating the kiwi, all with NO reaction!

This has had a life-changing effect on my niece, and I can’t say thank you enough for teaching me this incredible technique!

Thank you Dr. Kruger!

Jean-Paul Thuot R.Ac, KOHP

A Lifetime of Allergies, Gone
Thank you so much Jean-Paul for the Kruger allergy clearing. I didn’t even realize such a thing existed. My allergy to tomato has limited my choices for over 20 years (when I discovered that’s what made me sick) Since the treatment I’ve once again been able to enjoy chili, lasagne, pizza etc without any ill effects! Last night I finally tried salsa (fresh not cooked) and no problem. Thank you so much. What a gift to have this freedom back.

Treats Small Children
I had an interesting case with a little girl (5 years old) and she experienced quite a turn around with her symptoms after just 1 KOH treatment, so I wanted to share.

The girl had been experiencing increased, frequent urination (30+times per day) for about 1 week before coming in to Stillpoint.

At the end of the KOH treatment, I held the emotional reflex points that I learned in KOH class.

One week later I called the mother to see how she has been doing and if there were any changes. Her mother was completely surprised by the results of just 1 KOH treatment! Three days after the treatment and since then, there hasn’t been any problem with urination and she is completely back to normal. The other incredible change that she noticed was that the girl wasn’t waking up with night terrors and then having to use the bathroom, which she had been doing every night for over 2 years. She is planning on coming in again for positive reinforcement.

…, pretty cool! Jean-Paul and I have noticed how responsive kids are to KOH and hope to see more cases in the clinic.
Jenica Geisler, R.Ac, KOHP
Stillpoint Community Acupuncture Center
Vic West Office, Victoria, BC

Allergy Clearing
I would just like to share a wonderful experience I had with KOH allergy clearing! I had been getting very congested upon going to bed at night to the extent that I started taking Claritin-D so I could breathe. Then I remembered to do some allergy testing and clearing on myself and had fabulous results; thus clearing up the congestion. It was so empowering to be able to help myself like this and not have to take pharmaceutical medication!!
Thank you Dr. Kruger for teaching this in your Advanced KOH seminar!!
Julie Cerini, KOHP

I am Daniel Falcone, KOHP. I have the privilege of working on an 8 year old boy who has Tourette’s Syndrome. I began treating him 3-4 times a week until his symptoms began to decline, and at this point, a few months in, I only see him once a week. His mother, who was completely distraught with his behavioral problems and tics, has told me he is 90% better from my treatments. I am humbled and thrilled to know that the Kruger Omni Healing is playing a huge part in this boy’s improvement. I cannot thank Dr. Kruger enough for sharing this method with me and allowing me to help others.

Instant Pain Relief
Two days ago I had a woman in her 50s come in with debilitating pain (8/10) in her Right elbow. She was unable to either flex her arm nor internally rotate (as in, pouring coffee from a pot) without wincing in pain. She also complained of some tingling in her fingers.

I gave her a standard KOH treatment, with focus on her neck and elbows. After the treatment I asked her to flex her arm, which she did.  She said the 8/10 had gone down to a 2/10 (75% immediate improvement). I asked her to rotate her forearm, she reported that she couldn’t feel any pain; whatsoever. Then she said, “but it would be different if I had a pot of coffee or some weight in my hand.”

I went and grabbed my Brita water pitcher from the waiting area and gave it to her. She was able to pour a cup of water without any pain (100% improvement).

Today she came in to see me exclaiming that she woke up this morning stretching and flexing her arms without even thinking about it! This is quite amazing because that was usually the worst time of day for her.

Pain Relief – Surgery Not Needed After All!
I have been meaning to contact you. I had a rather amazing physical breakthrough immediately following my first KOH class. Prior to attending your seminar I had been plagued by intense pain in my right hip it would wake me up in the middle of the night with a shooting pain that started in my hip and radiated down my right leg. The pain was unbearable to the point where I could not get back to sleep unless I got up and took a few aspirin or Aleve.

Since your seminar I have not been experiencing any night time pain, and my hip feels much better. In fact, I am nearly walking without a limp.

BTW, my orthopedic doctor showed me X rays of major arthritis in my right hip last month and recommended a hip replacement. I don’t think I need that anymore. I feel much better, maybe not 100%, but at least 80% better.

Also I have been giving my mom, who is in an Alzheimer’s care facility, a KOH session every weekend when I see her. Interestingly, the first time she cried, but since then her mental clarity has noticeably improved.

Thank you so much.

Kevin Peltier

Immediate Results in 5 Minutes
Last night a Telus service technician came to my home in order to fix my internet connection.  During the course of his repair work, I told him I was an acupuncturist, with a clinic nearby.  He told me he had been in a car accident six weeks earlier and while he was going regularly to physiotherapy it didn’t seem to be improving.

After he finished his work I asked him if I could examine & work on him quickly, and that I wouldn’t be using any needles.  I mentioned I often use this other form of therapy called Kruger Omni Healing that may really help him.  He agreed, so I sat him down and performed a very focused KOH exam; as taught in class on him. His neck had decreased ROM, especially on sidebending to the left, and his low back was constantly sore. I focused on his neck and low back, as well as the emotional response to the accident; critically important with any traumatic event.

After a 5 minute KOH treatment he told me that his back pain was 100% gone, and his neck pain and ROM had improved by 80%!  This after six weeks of physiotherapy having had no effect!

I continue to be amazed and humbled by the Kruger Omni Healing technique – it is truly a gift to be able to help people in such an immediate and dramatic way.

Jean-Paul Thuot, L.Ac, KOHP
Stillpoint Community Acupuncture Clinic
Langford, British Columbia


Dear Dr. Kruger,

I wish to write to you with thanks and gratitude for your KOH technique that I am a certified practitioner of since 2012.  Since becoming a Kruger Omni Healing Practitioner (KOHP), I have been applying this technique in all treatments I have given to people.  Why?  KOH works every time, for every person, and has brought me relief during times when I’m suffering too. I’m also a Reiki Master and I still use Reiki when giving treatments as well because it allows me to feel with my hands where the energy is blocked in a person’s body.  I find that combining Reiki and KOH (doing KOH first at each session) gives amazing results immediately and more often than not, permanently, to the countless people I’ve treated. KOH is limitless in what it can do to restore the central nervous system, bring a body into balance, and start a healing process the moment it is applied! WOW!! I never have to tell someone “sorry, I don’t think I can help you with your ailment”, because KOH always helps, even with the skeptical people.

I have spent hundreds of hours as a volunteer healer over the years, but for the past 6 months I’ve been doing healings from my home.  Word of mouth is what is bringing people to me and I thank God every day for the opportunity to change people’s lives.  And so, I also thank you Dr. Kruger for teaching me KOH.  Please don’t ever stop telling the world about your Kruger Omni Healing technique, or continuing to inspire those of us who are practitioners from using it either for ourselves or those who come to us for healing.

Tanya Simmons, KOHP
KOH Practitioner and Reiki Master

Eleven Year Problem (Daily) Gone in One Kruger Omni Healing Treatment

A 65 year old woman came to see me for overactive bladder and abdominal pain. The abdominal pain she’s had daily for 11 years, and has been unrelenting. She has had endoscopies, colonoscopies, CT scans, blood work, etc. and nothing has shown up. The doctors have been baffled, and have only been able to offer her opioids to control the pain.

Yesterday was her second KOH treatment. Today she came in with a very strange look on her face and when I asked why, she said “I have had this abdominal pain every day for 11 years, and no other treatment has even touched it. After 4 minutes in here yesterday the pain went away and hasn’t come back. What did you do??”

She then told me that her bladder was still painful and that she experiences a lot of pressure on it, causing her to have to urinate frequently. After today’s treatment she got off the table and reported that the pain and pressure was completely gone.

Thanks to your lifetime of exploration and discovery, and your willingness to share what you have learned, I am able to perform what at times seems miraculous treatments. I am deeply grateful for all that I have learned from you.

Jean-Paul Thuot, L.Ac, KOHP
Stillpoint Community Acupuncture Clinic
Langford, British Columbia